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Syzygium australe 'Resilience' (Lillypilly Resilience) - Assorted Sizes

Syzygium australe 'Resilience' (Lillypilly Resilience) - Assorted Sizes
Lillpilly Resilience is great for hedges and screening, has lush foliage and is psyllid resistant.

Type and Habit:  Evergreen tall shrub
Average Height:  3-5m can be kept much lower.
Soil:  Lillypillies are adaptable to most well drained soils but prefer a moist soil with plenty of organic matter and good mulching. Fertilise annually with an organic fertiliser. For quick growth for a hedge or screen drip irrigation is recommended.
Aspect:  Full sun to part shade, better foliage colour and bushier growth with more sun
Foliage:  The glossy foliage is bright green and new foliage is flushed coppery pink. The Resilience Lillypilly lives up to its name by being resistant to Psyllid which causes disfiguring bumps on the leaves of some lillypillies. Responds well to pruning.
Flowers:  Fluffy white flowers are borne in the warmer months followed by red edible berries
Uses: Lillypilly 'Resilience' makes a medium to tall dense hedge or screen.
Features:  Psyllid resistant Syzygium ‘Resilience’ is very quick growing, has handsome shiny foliage with the new growth flushing attractively. The fluffy white flowers make a lovely show in summer. Great for topiary work.


pot size
200mm $19.95
300mm $75
400mm $175

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